What is the best office chair for you?

An office should be comfortable and enjoyable every day, especially if you spend several hours a day to work, draw or create. That is why chaise de bureau confortable est nécessaire. The choice of his office chair should not be done at random, it is important to think of its ergonomics according to its morphology, its habits, its working environment, but also its health (we must take into account back pain and other ailments). Discover our tips for choosing your office chair.

Why choosing your office chair is important?

At work or at home, the chair is one of the essential elements of your office area. We dream of design and aesthetics certainly, but above all ergonomic, with a comfortable seat. A good record is essential, especially if you use your office chair several hours a day. He must keep his back straight, lower lumbar vertebrae slightly carved. You understand that finding the ideal chair is a big challenge. Do not hesitate to test the office chair for several minutes before buying it.


Find an adjustable office chair

The “perfect” office chair must be able to adapt to the movements of your body and to your desires. Having to be adjustable, the office chair must not bother you: you must almost forget that it helps you to work with confidence. Remember, chaise de bureau confortable est nécessaire. There are several types of adjustable chairs:

The office chair with tilting mechanism centered:

With this model, the office chair can tilt into a “rest” position while ensuring a good sitting position. Ideal for long days in front of an office.

The office chair with offset rocking mechanism:

More adjustable, this chair model allows adjusting the backrest without moving the seat. This office chair offers good stability and comfort at the lower part of your body.

The chair with synchronous mechanism:


As “glued” to the movements of the body, this chair synchronizes the backrest and the seat with the body to immediately follow each movement. A good way to never have back pain after a long day of work!

Choosing an office chair adapted to its morphology:

To choose your office chair, you must first think of adapting it to your body, considering possible back problems or blood circulation. For this, there are several criteria:

The seat:

It may seem surprising, but the seat should be facing down. If the latter is straight, it is bad for the blood circulation of the legs. An inclined seat ensures the maintenance of the vertebrae because many of them are accompanied by dampers.

The folder:

The back of the chair must be wraparound. The narrower it is, the less comfortable you will be. And the more the backrest frames your back, the more comfortable the office chair will be.

The armrests, a real plus:

More comfortable than a chair without armrests, a desk chair with armrests ensures great comfort, especially if you spend the day sitting. The armrests help to relieve the muscles of the upper body.

The base:

For the stability of the chair, it is best to choose a tripod base. Then there are two types of feet: the feet with wheels and the feet in the skate. The former is dedicated to working desk movements, while the latter is more used for precision work, such as drawing, which needs to be well anchored in the ground.