A Buyer’s Guide in Picking A Good Military Watch

If you are a military man or extreme sports professional, you should always look for tools that can increase your performance and improve your results. These tools may be in the form of your helmet, boots or knives. It can also be in the form of Military Watches or tactical watches.

Tactical watches are expensive because of the endurance it promises not to mention other features. You should take your time when you are planning to buy this kind of watch. First, determine what you need and start looking from there. Do not be confused with the terms or words used when reading the specifications.

Remember to look for words “military, tactical and survival” as these words mean it is tested and exceeded the specifications and standards set by the military. To make things easier for you, you can consider the following guidelines in choosing a good military watch:

Military Watches

A band is important because it can either make or break your military watch experience. Remember that if the band is made of leather or metal, it will be uncomfortable in cold or heat climate. It can also cause irritation especially if you are sweating too much. To be safe, choose silicone rubber and paracord. Most people prefer silicone rubber band because of its durability – it can withstand any condition.

You have to look for a watch that will be with you for a long time. Solar-powered watches fit the bill. If you prefer a battery-powered watch, it is fine also as long as you ensure you have an extra battery when the time comes.  Finding replacement battery can also be a challenge because you need to locate the correct one.

Accuracy is the whole point of having a clock. If you want your watch to recalibrate automatically, you should look for models equipped with atomic-clock calibration. This system will calibrate regularly using the signals of the radio.

A military watch doesn’t need to be ugly. When choosing, look for a design that you feel is “right” for you. Make sure it is comfortable to put and it doesn’t interfere with your clothing. You also decide what color is best for the design.

The common choice of many is Casio G-shock as specific products can reach up to 660 feet of water resistance. Practical choices can be Timex or Columbia. You can also consider manufacturers like Suunto, Luminox, Armitron and many more. After finding the right one for you, the next challenge is looking for a legitimate online store. Just read the reviews and you will know. Good luck and happy shopping!