Tips & Tricks – How to Surprise Your Friend on Stag Do Party

Stag Do Parties are usual occurrence just before the actual wedding. It offers a time for the groom to have some amazingly fun moments with his closest friends. During that time, they will engage in various activities and the groom is set for some surprises. This might be in the form of unexpected gifts among other things.

Surprising your friend is not something easy. You really have to discern and come up with something that will catch his attention. To make your work easier, below are some ideas you can draw inspiration from.

Visiting unexpected destination:

Be well versed of some of the destinations your friend has already visited. This will give you a hint about some areas that you can visit for his Stag Weekend. One of the places has to be Bratislava.


It is an amazing destination full of some breathtaking sites, landmarks and events. You can take advantage of the Bratislava Stag do ideas in order to have some great fun. Such an act will automatically take your friend by surprise. It is also a seal to a good friendship.

Sex Toys:

Unexpected gifts have continued to make rounds in many Stag parties. In most cases, they are meant to surprise and make fun of the groom. You can pick up this idea and surprise your friend during his Stag party.

Find some over-sized pleasure toys and purchase them for him. During the party, you can call everyone to attention and unwrap the gift in front of everyone. This will obviously capture the attention of every soul.

Unusual Stag activities:

Dare to go an extra mile in the stag activities. This might involve suggesting some unexpected stag activities like jumping from a cliff into a pool of water. This will automatically send shivers down your friend’s spines.

Such undertakings are what makes stag parties more awesome. It is something you can get your friend to engage in with a bid to intensify the hype in stag celebrations.

A touchy speech about your friendship:

When it comes to speeches, this should be an ideal time to surprise your friend. Just come up with a moving speech detailing your friendship years. Incorporate some of the moments you treasure as friends. Then show your appreciation to your friend for always being there for each other. Finally, wish him all the very best for his upcoming wedding.

Be Charming and Smart:

This event is in honor of your friend. It requires of you to put your best foot forward. And one of the areas you need to take care of is your dress code. Turn up for the event looking amazing in your perfect attire. This will not only take aback your friend but also the other people at the event. It does help in showcasing your great taste for fashion.


While turning up for your friend’s stag party, be prepared to pull off something that will make him remember you. However, it has to be in a positive way. This can be displayed through the activities you suggest or also the gifts you give to him.