Shorts for men – how to use them?

Mens Shorts, commonly called shorts, consist of a garment that covers the lower part of the body, from the waist up to about an inch above the knees. Before, a man wearing shorts was a scandal, because they were for the exclusive use of children.

However, by the year 1816, they began to be implemented in adults who went to explore the islands of the Atlantic Ocean. Its purpose was to deal with the heat and allow the explorers to move more comfortably. Realizing the liking that generated this garment before warm temperatures, the British propagated this fashion among the troops located in tropical areas and hot climates.

In this way, they became the sensation of the twentieth century to the present, which is used by both genders; and in recent years it has become very fashionable, mainly in men. This is due to the fact that it is an ideal piece for adventurous and fresh knights, which will also maintain the manly essence of man, as long as he knows how to use it. For this reason, here are some tips that should be considered at the moment of wearing shorts.

How to use men’s shorts?

A short can be used both in sports, as outdoor outings, casual meetings, and many more. Everything will depend on the choice of the same and how it is harmonized with the rest of the attire. In this way, you have the following recommendations regarding the characteristics you must have and what you combine more with one.

Type of cut

  • It is characterized by its pockets and strong cotton, making it one of the most popular due to its comfort and functionality, especially in outdoor activities.
  • This material never goes out of fashion and can be combined with everything. His cote is tight and looks better on men with thin limbs.
  • They are simple, they are kept on the knee and their surface is smooth; also, it has minimum folds and pockets on the sides.
  • Tailor, They are short, without pockets and simple, ideal for the summer or the beach.


The manufacturing genre will vary according to the season because some tend to be cooler than others, although all must have that characteristic and also be light. However, the most used are linen, cotton, polyester, chambray, and denim (strong cotton and denim).

Body type

The man’s stature will determine what type of cut he should use. Well, if it’s low, those below the knee can make them look small. While, in a man of average height, he accentuates his figure more.

The combination with the upper garment

Currently, combinations with almost all garments are valid; which range from mens polo shirts, man sleeves, shirts, long sleeves. Even on cool days, they look great with blazers and lightweight coats. On the other hand, long garments and sizes larger than the appropriate ones are prohibited.

An ideal outfit of this style, comfortable and relaxed, would be an 883 Police Shorts for men, combined with a hooded sweatshirt. This goes very well with sports shoes or casual sandals. In they have incredible designs and models of masculine garments to choose the one that best suits the tastes and needs of each gentleman.