The best rice Cooker Prices, comparison and purchase guide

A rice cooker offers a great practicality when it comes to preparing food, because you will not have to be in front of the rice or go every so often to check if it is at its point. You want to choose a rice cooker to take home and it is not an easy decision but we will indicate the aspects that you must take into account in each model so that you can acquire a team of very good quality.


As always, before buying a product it is important to determine our budget. The price range of the rice fields quite varied. There are cheap models that are around 20-30 Euros, mid-range models between 30 and 50 Euros and high-end rice that can reach up to 100 Euros.


They exist from small rice fields of 0.6 liters, to high capacity rice tanks of 1.5l – 2-4 liters.

As a tip, we can say that the majority of rice growers show their capacity in raw rice, we all know that the rice once cooked doubles its volume, therefore when the indications of the characteristics of the rice cooker that we are going to acquire shows that it is prepared for cook 1 liter of water and rice.  is one of single online platform for  rice cooker.


  • Another feature that we must take into account when buying a rice cooker is its operation , since not all rice producers use the same system.
  • By this we mean that there are programmable rice dishes , you indicate when you want to have the rice cooked and ready, at that time it will be.
  • There are also rice fields that keep the rice hot for as long as you want, for when you are going to serve the rice, keep it warm.
  • There are also those in which you can regulate the intensity of cooking , all these options we must take them into account, since there are cheap rice fields that include them and others more expensive than no, without a doubt it is a plus to take into account.


Finally, having a rice cooker that is easy to clean is a comfort, without a doubt. This is another important factor at the time of purchase. If it is made with non-stick material, such as Teflon, it will be easier to clean and the rice will not stick.

We can buy a rice cooker that has a delayed start programming system; This data is key, since it will allow us to have the food ready by the time we get home. The idea is to prepare the ingredients in advance, make them activate at an exact time and we can enjoy a good rice without having to control the food at all times.

Depending on the model we buy, the cooking mode can be more or less powerful (more or less fast).