Four Things Every Mom Need to Know About Petittippe Breastfeeding Curated Collections

Hong Kong Petittippi Baby Store for Nursing Mom

Breastfeeding is a boon to both moms and newborn to stay a healthy life. Those mothers who are breastfeeding their children often face problem while traveling from one place to another or while attending any family function or any other event. To offer both mother and child ease, the nursing came forward Petittippi that has a vast collection of handpicked breast pumps, sippy, and straw cups. Petittippi is thus No: 1 Baby Store in Hong Kong that meets all the needs of nursing mothers. Browse their innovative and latest collection of breast pumps and pumping products on that is more convenient for expressing breast milk for your infant baby.  In the same way, teach your toddler how to sip with a sippy and straw cupsthat are easy and fun for your baby or to find any other accessories click on to view their new range of collections.These products are safe to use made with premium quality material that prevents spillage and easy to wean your little one from the bottle.

Baby Store for Nursing Mom

Four Things which every nursing mother need to know about Petittippe Curated Collections:

  1. Petittippi is the leading supplier of breast pumps and sippy straw cups to Hong Kong moms to meet their nursing needs at affordable price. All its curated collections include top brand products that are handpicked and internationally recognized as they are made up of premium quality material that is 100% safe, easy to maintain and wash after use.
  2. Most of the products offered by Petittippi are eco-friendly brands that are perfect for infant to toddlers and their whole family as nursing your baby while traveling or in the office is a little tricky. Hence leverage their latest brands that are portable, washable, prevent spilling, and very efficient when going out for some work.
  3. Get your breast pump today from top brands of Youha, Haakaaq, etc that are designed uniquely as an alternative to a hands-free bra that works with suction power to extract milk and nurse your baby at the same time. Available online with adjustable sizes, they are also multi-tasking than traditional choice.
  4. Browse their entire range of collection and order your favorite sippy cups, straw cups or other accessories online.The whole range is innovative and eco-friendly brands which include SiliSkin and leakage free WOW CUPS to make your baby sipping more comfortable and at the same time offer them fun activity with stretchy silicone top that gives them firm grip to hold in their hands. Available in attractive design the stretchy silicone material sippy and straw cups that are very much compatible with bright colors and fits right into any diaper bag.


Are you a working mom or homemaker doesn’t matter? What matters is choosing the right kind of breast pump and sippy/straw cups that are ideal for feeding your baby when out or doing some other work. Petittippe has a wide range of collections from top brands as they are high quality made, eco-friendly, easy to clean, portable, and very convenient to feed your baby when hungry at the same time. It is thus the first choice of many Hong Kong moms, be the next to avail their online services and leverage their free shipping by shopping worth $500 to get your order at your doorstep!