Best men’s shorts for Spring

Spring is almost here and one thing is for sure, we now have the right to bare our legs again because, yes, the dry and cold air brought by the winter season has started to wane. The spring season means addition of more colorful ensembles into your wardrobe and it is a refreshing sight from wearing monochromatic ones during the winter months.

Shorts are perfect not only if you want to keep yourself comfortable, they also do not restrict your movement.

Step up your fashion with colorful and classic shorts for this season as you can also maximize its wear until the summer season. Versatile, right?

For the season of spring/summer 2018, men’s shorts color palettes range from the classic chambray designs to bright, colorful cotton blended ones.

To kick off the season of spring, we have come up a list of best shorts for men to start stocking up on some of your favorites!

  1. Denim Shorts

men’s shorts

So may argue with you on the versatility of denim shorts. It is a controversial style for most people because of the thick material they are made of, and simply because of the fact that the material denim is meant to be worn as jeans. However, denim shorts are casual pieces that can be worn in any style and they can make your over-all outfit look put together. In the recent trends, blend for denim shorts can range from fabrics that are lightly colored ones down to the darkest hue. Cuts also vary from above the knee to knee length. When buying a pair of shorts, check out the softness of the denim and how many pockets if have for versatility and comfort.

  1. Tailored Shorts

These pairs of shorts became an instant hit when they started coming out of the market. The cut and feel of this shorts are perfect enough to match a smart-casual look, if you are aiming for a cleaner and sleek look. Tailored shorts are also versatile as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

  1. Baggy Shorts

Baggy shorts resemble the good ol’ cargo shorts. Compared to the tailored shorts, these pairs have a straight loose fit that does not snug around the thighs. Baggy shorts are made from various textures and fabric to suit everyone’s needs and styles. These baggy shorts are often worn for casual events but can be dressed up too depending on the event, and well, on how you style it.

  1. Fleece Sweat shorts

Fleece sweatshorts are great for a thleisure day outs. They are breathable, comfortable, and your movements are not restricted by any structured or rigid fabric. Fleece sweat shorts is an amazing choice when travelling or for a short walk around the city. They can also be worn for casual dates in a nearby mall or at an amusement park too.

  1. Chino Shorts

These are cotton blended shorts that provide comfort and style. Chino shorts are also flexible in nature so you have no worries about restricted movements too. They are also very casual yet classic, making sure you are not either overdressed or underdressed at any circumstances.