Best E-Liquid Flavors to Test this 2018

Another year and perhaps another flavor. Finding the best e-liquid flavor is sure a never-ending quest. There are a lot of companies that tend to push varieties almost every month. One can’t seem to keep up. After all, our taste is subjective. What might others find okay as a flavor might not be acceptable for the rest?

Saying that a specific variety is the best is like saying you’ve found the best meal in the planet. You are the best judge to know what is best for you and what is not. Plus, our taste evolves over time. It grows complex by the months and the year. We also have that tendency to try on something new. Which is why I’ve compiled the best e-liquid flavors to test this 2018 which is a good start for your every evolving quest for the next e-juice flavor to try.

best e liquid flavors

Fruit Variety

The fruit flavors of e-liquid will always be present and approved by many. Of course, who can resist that zest orange flavor? Perhaps you might want to try some blueberry as well. There are even unique varieties such as peach green, watermelon wave and more. If you feel you can’t decide on a favorite fruit of yours, you can always opt for some mixed berries or mixed fruits instead. At least you get to have a taste of these fruits while mixed together. There are some good combos with it such as the mixed berries and tropical fusion.

Dessert Variety

No one can say no to some dessert. That sweet taste will surely rock your taste buds. And who can resist that? There are already a lot of sweet treats you can get for your e-liquid. There are those inspired by some candy goodies we love as kids like gummi bears. For the sophisticated palette, there’s cheesecake and vanilla custard. If you love ice cream, then you can surely get one in an e-cigarette juice counterpart. There’s no stopping in the dessert department as manufacturers are getting creative with their dessert treats.

Specialty Variety

The unique variety will surely test your imagination. As they say, the only limit is your imagination. There are a lot of e-liquid varieties that might consider being impossible yet they are here. There are unique blends like unicorn juice, mother’s milk, and voodoo. Who knows you can be able to taste some black magic too? If you are keen towards the outer space, you can even taste andromeda, milky way and even some planets too. You might have a thing for some cosmic action and getting those flavors would certainly be easy.

2018 would definitely be another good year in finding the best e-liquid flavors. With the competition and demand, it is for certain that the variety will evolve and improve. Expect also a mix of these varieties. Who knows, you might be getting some blueberry cheesecake or unicorn watermelon soon. The possibilities are endless. So better hop to your nearest dealer and find a variety of your liking.