The Must Have Wedding Photos

There are so many incredible moments from your wedding day that you won’t want to forget and some are just too good to not capture. Luckily during the wedding, you can worry about you and the party while your photographer is running around and capturing these special moments. A good idea is communicating with your photographer about what kind of moments you want to have captured. Your photographer usually has its own checklist of things they will already take a photo of, but if you have something in mind talk to them and they will be more than happy to do that for you. Here are some moments that you might want to capture so that you can look back on these photos and remember the good times you and your partner have had when it all began.

Invitation Suite

Having a whole set up made for your wedding invitation suite can be gorgeous, but also will make a great Instagram photo. You set up your whole invitation suite in a certain way and then add decorations around it. This is an elegant way to show your wedding invitations and your insert cards. You can also add both of your wedding rings and engagement rings on this photo as well! Having the rings can add a subtle touch of bling to your photo.

Wedding Photos

First Look

The first look is a very popular and highly recommended moment to capture. You can a videographer and a photographer capture this moment of when you and your partner see each other in your wedding outfits for the first time. This is a very special and memorable moment that you would definitely want to look back on. The pure happiness that you see in these first look moments is priceless.


This is a photo of you and your bridesmaids/groomsmen. This captures you and your closest friends or family. They obviously have been chosen in this role because they mean a lot to you, so having a photo dedicated to them shows appreciation, but also it a memorable moment to have. You can have them separately and together with both you and your partner’s bridesmaids/groomsmen.

The I-Do-Kiss

This is another memorable moment that you may want to have captured. This moment is after your wedding vows and you say I do. Then someone says you may kiss your partner. And this is the moment I am talking about…. The kiss. What a beautiful and special moment to share with each other and all your guests. This should definitely be added to your wedding scrapbook!

After all these amazing moments I hope that you have found inspiration to make a list of all the moments that you want to have captured at your wedding. Your wedding is a special day that lasts only a moment. If you could have photos or videos to capture these incredible moments so that when time has passed you can look back on everything and enjoy them again.