Professional Sports Eyewear For cycling sportsman

RayZor Cycling Sunglasses

Your health is a great concern for us, you need not worry about the UV rays of the sun during cycling or sunburn that may lead to a headache every day after cycling. All RayZor Professional cycling Sunglasses are of high quality and have been designed with Specific Sports in mind that ensure you are protected against effects of the sun.

RayZor Cycling Sunglasses have been designed with different shapes and sizes that suit our customers. They not only look good while out on your bike but also their lightweight materials make them ideal for Sports.

The RayZor Designer Revo lens blocks out all the harmful UV400rays and allows fuller clarity in bright sunlight. This clear vision allows the cyclist to perfect view of all the hazards on the road or cross country that they encounter when cycling. That’s why you need to make a choice and say no to effects of UV rays and purchase sunglasses that suits you. The RayZor frames are all face hugging to ensure that no sunlight comes over the top or around the sides frames. RayZor cycling sunglasses will protect you from the dirt or grit getting into your eyes.

RayZor Recommends the windshield Lens for Cyclists.

You might be having a dream to be the next Chris Froome or you prefer to be a leisurely cyclist around the countryside. That why we have a number of eyewear considerations for you as a cyclist.

The sun can cause long-term damage to your eyes and can lead to many health problems including cataracts, which I’m sure you’re keen to avoid.

Sunglasses are designed to provide the usual essential protection for your healthy eyesight. Sunglasses will save your eyesight from dangers of UVA and UVB rays or chronic eyesight damages.

However, sunglasses have another important aspect for an eager cyclist. If you like cycling throughout the year there are a number of irritations that glasses can protect you against. In the summer months, there are the many bugs which unerringly seem to search out your eyes to land in. The wind sometimes is strong and can be painful and cause your eyes to water. The wind is still an issue in the winter, but rain, snow, and sleet can add to the discomfort and lead to eye irritations. Sunglasses can be a huge asset in improving your comfort during a long ride and at the same time safeguarding your health.


It, therefore, recommended that you make a right choice of purchasing sunglasses that are made specifically for cycling and that have a tight grip. We ensure a quality sunglasses that will not slip off when your head moves or when cycling. Occasionally, cycle tracks lead close to bushes or trees, and an anti-scratch coating can be very useful. If you accidentally cycle too close, then any branches that hit you won’t harm the lenses. It is also a lifesaver if you accidentally drop them while having a well-earned rest.