Engagement Jewellery Ideas: 5 Types of Bridal Maang Tikas

A maang tika is one of the most beautify accessory that is much loved by Indian women. It is adorned on the head at the centre or side parting. It can be work by girls or women, married or unmarried. It is a unique piece of jewellery that is available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Here are four types of maang tika designs without which your engagement jewellery ideas will not complete.

  1. Pendant style – This maang tika is so called because of its size. It is tiny and similar to that of a small pendant. This type of maang tika is best suited for small or round face type. It doesn’t overpower the look of your face and is very classy and fashionable to look at.
  1. Oversized maang tika – The complete opposite to a pendant style maang tika, oversized maang tikas are for those ladies who has a large or broad forehead. The huge size of the accessory helps in covering the extra space in the forehead. It is one of the best engagement jewellery ideas that can either be in the shape of a crescent or full moon and can be further studded with big stones or pearls to give that royal or classic look.

  1. Passa/jhoomer – The jhoomer or passa is originally a traditional ornament mostly seen in Muslim weddings tucked beautifully on the head of the bride especially on the day of the wedding. It is worn on the left side if the forehead. They tend to cover up almost the entire left side of the forehead and are available in various shapes and sizes. The brides can select accordingly.
  1. Single tier maatha patti – It is a three line maang tika which is one of the most popular engagement jewellery ideas that is pinned to the back of the head and can emerge from both sides of the forehead covering it. The maang tika has a pendant hanging from the middle and lands on the centre of the forehead. It is worn by both non married girls and brides. Though, the non-married girls can opt for lighter version of the accessory.
  1. Borla – It is a traditional maang tika that is worn by both Rajasthani and Haryanvi women. However, it is a symbol of marital status of women. It look simple, chick and glamorous when worn with any Indian outfit.

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