How to choose engagement rings

Engagement rings are not meant to be purchased more than once. When you buy one, it is cherished for many years to come. Naturally, the dedication with which you choose and buy an engagement ring is of utmost priority. But shopping for an engagement ring is not as easy as it seems to be.

Engagement rings should make the wearer go weak in their knees. Whether it is a boy or girl, both cherish love and respect and deserve only the best. For girls, it is a tad bit easier since any day they love diamonds. Solitaire engagement rings are the best option. Apart from those, there are some elegant designs in gold, platinum, or the now-popular white gold.

When you are investing in an engagement ring, here are some tips to follow so that you cannot go wrong with your choice:

  1. The 4 Cs: If you are purchasing a diamond ring like solitaire, make sure to verify all the Cs in the diamond, i.e., carat, cut, colour, clarity. Colour and clarity of all diamonds are the same but if you opt for different cut and carat, the value of the diamond varies. Choose the one which your pocket allows you to buy.
  2. Reputed jeweller: How much ever money you are splurging on the ring, ensure that you do that only from a popular, reputed jewellery store. You can stop worrying about the authenticity and the service issues.
  3. Customize it: Do not just go to a shop and pick up the design that you like. Make some efforts to personalize it and make it more special. This gesture adds a touch of extra love and affection.
  4. Get certified diamonds: Buy a diamond that is aptly certified by either GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the Indian agency. A certified diamond, especially a solitaire fetches a good resale value.
  5. The cost does not depend on certification: The value of a diamond is due to its cut and clarity, carat, and colour. It does not cost more just because it is certified. But certified diamonds are of superior quality and hence the exorbitant prices.
  6. Get one of correct size: Take any of your or your partner’s rings and get a size that is a perfect fit. No one wants to wear an ill-fitting ring as a mark of their wedding.
  7. No hand-me-downs: Do not pass on a ring that is worn by your grandmother and mother. Engagement rings are unique and special. Other items of jewellery are acceptable to be passed from one generation to another but not a wedding ring.
  8. Choose colours other than white: Diamonds come in various different shades. They are colourless, with a yellow tinge or light yellow in colour. Colourless ones are the most expensive ones and light yellow are the least expensive. You can opt for these or go with an entirely different colour like a green emerald or a blue topaz. These look exotic and give a feeling of one-of-a-kind in millions.