Top Leaving Gifts for Colleagues

It’s sad to see someone go; someone that you have shared many fond memories with especially after working together in a boring office for many years. And you want to give them a gift is because they have been your companion in fighting off the dullness of the room. And now, they’re moving on for the better.

Understandably, you would be upset because you will not be able to see your friend’s familiar face after a few days. But it’s always better to give them something to remind them of your friendship. Gifts are like that, it’s basically a memoir that says you will always stay as friends even if you’re both not in the same workplace anymore. Choose from these top leaving gifts for colleagues available at that they will surely cherish.

Adventure Journal for your thrill-seeking colleague

You have known your colleague for years so you must know that they love to travel. Who doesn’t, right? It’s time to give them something that’ll remind them of their future choices or have them think to book a flight going to their dream destination.

With the help of the Adventure Journal, they can plan their trips and list the things that they always wanted to do on 4 categories: nature, culture, activity and cuisine. It is made out of Card, paper, matte laminate paper (250gsm), coloured foil and has the following features: card presentation folder, 64 page journal, over 300 bucket list experiences, 8 x mini Scratch Maps. It only measures 17 x 15 x 2.5 cm and costs £18.95. If you think that it’d be perfect for them, go for it!

A Morris Memo Holder for your buddy’s new workplace!

Is your friend transferring to a new job? It’s better to have them prepared by giving them this friendly horse to be with. Morris is a helpful horse that’ll be more than happy to hold your to-do list for you! He is not only a silent companion, but he is a good boy that wants to remind you of the things that you have to do ASAP. He is made out of acrylic and metal and the paper is also free, but once it runs out you’ll need paper refills that your friend has to buy separately. So for only £2.95 – £9.95, depending on the size, your friend will get a buddy with him to make him feel that he’s not alone!

Brown Paper Bag Lunch bag

This may sound corny but your friend needs something to spice up their new workplace by bringing a cool Brown paper Bag Lunch bag. It represents the iconic American tradition of bringing their lunches to work or school. The best thing about this is that it’s durable, re-usable and insulated. It is tear-proof and leak resistant because it is made out of Tyvek and it closes with sturdy double magnets that your friend can shut tight to avoid the heat of their food from escaping. Plus, it’ll keep their drinks nice and cold. It measure 23 x 20 x 15 cm and only amount to £12.95. For something so useful, that its already a bargain price!

These are just some of the best parting gifts that you can give your colleague. It will give them something to remind themselves of the friend that they had in their old workplace. So even if you’re both not seeing each other as often as you want, at least you gave them something that they will always be thankful for.