Celebrate this Rakhi with a Difference!

The most celebrated and adored Festival is around the corner! The purest form of love is seen between Siblings! Whatever their inner differences may be, they’ll stand as ONE to the outside world. Time to rejoice that ‘Indian Sibling Day’, “RAKHI”. A sister won’t ever miss sending her wishes as a band of protection to her brother. Whatever the circumstances or distance may be, she’ll find a way to reach her ‘Bro’.

Don’t you think the time has arrived when we start planning surprises for our siblings as well? Rakhi tying is our culture and roots will always be grounded, but why can’t we make it special as Birthdays or Anniversaries to cherish and remember forever?

We have some cool Rakhi concepts for you to plan on Rakhi Day this year! And anyway, how does it matter if the planning is done by a Brother or Sister? Ultimately the day is both of yours!

Get on your toes for some out of the box ideas to gift your Siblings this year!

Childhood Game-A-thon:

The list starts with an Idea of organizing a Game-A-thon. There are two parts of it, a) List out the indoor/outdoor games you used to play while kids and relive those moments again on this occasion. Or b) prepare a treasure hunt kinda set up and let your Bro/Sis solve it winning one or the other gifts at each stage. You can have Cosmetics & Skin care products of your sister’s favorite brands at each stage to win or small hidable gifts like Wallets, Perfumes, Key-chains etc for those Young Men out there.

Rewind and Relive:

I am sure when your guys were younger, you must have few eating and hang out places of your choice. The plan is to REvisit those same old places and RElive those memories. Go to that same Tea Stall from college days, or the same Restaurant you had dinner when younger, or your family’s favorite Snack bar. Pre-plan it and add some decoration with a hidden surprise gift, so when you’re done with the food part, let the place’s manager bring your gift. Get some trendy Ethnic wear like Kurtis, Sarees or Churidar Suits as for lovely sisters and Kurta Pyjama or Formal Clothes for handsome Brothers.

Cherish the Togetherness:

The festival itself conveys Uniting, thus doing few things together will strengthen the bond. Plan to ‘Cook Together’ at any of yours places or if you’re still unmarried and living together then give your Mums a break and enter the Kitchen for a new or old interesting recipe. Those few hours in the kitchen will definitely make you feel grateful for having a Brother/Sister like him/her. If this looks unfinished without a gift, offer your both selves a new Kitchenware if staying together or gift each other one cookware or Bakeware as a memory.

You’re one of those lucky ones if your Siblings still lives in the same town as you are. Enjoy the togetherness while you can because there are few who have their Brother/Sister residing way too far. Cooking Together or Visiting an Old Place seems beyond their reach, but brace yourself up because we have ideas for those ones as well.

Be a Photo Curator:

The far apart but connected Siblings can go for a ‘Slideshow Presentation’ or ‘Photo Collages’ or ‘Photo Videos’ as their special gifts. Collect the Best-Captured childhood or after moments from your Photo collection and create something really creative with one liner and messages over a visual treat. This idea seems common but has an effect everlasting. Watching those moments once again in front of your eyes can create some magical effect of Re-living them, Trust me on this! You can gift Designer Photo Frames as well with those Photo Collages and send it to them. Send few ‘Gift Cards’ as well which are Vouchers to some brand stores to shop them their hearts out. Have a look at the Shoppers Stop Gift Cards and E-Cards for this occasion.

That Personal Touch:

Gifts on such occasions are preferred because they make the moment last for a decade and makes it a Memory. Something that’s handmade or given a personal touch is timeless! We still love watching our old handmade cards and drawings, aren’t we? This Rakhi, make something beautiful by your hands for your Brother/Sister. A simple card or even a Handwritten letter in this digital era will do wonders! Purchase a Handbag/Wallet for your Siblings and put those tiny cards and letters inside them, let them get the cutest surprise of their lives. You can buy women Accessories like Earrings or Sunglasses as well, and put something handmade inside.
Same goes with Brothers as well, Tie boxes, Sunglasses or Watch Boxes can become your Handmade Note hiding place.

So, here we come to an end to this Rakhi Gift Ideas List. Hoard to Shopper Stop for any or many Rakhi Gifts and don’t forget; Gifts mere create moments of joy, your bond creates Life!

Happy Rakhi!