Why do people wear religious stone pendants?

Many of the people wear the pictures of their goddesses and gods in their routine jewelry and pendants. Normally they prefer wearing those pictures with gold or precious jewelry made with stones. Some people like to wear Gnesha, Durga, Hanuman and Lakshmi in their pendants and the most worn by them is OM. These religious stone pendants are highly significant for the people and somehow they are linked with their emotions and sentiments. There comes a time when they can’t even imagine their lives without those pendants so those pendants or pieces of jewelry becomes a permanent source of piece and belongingness for the people wearing them. There could be a lot of people who like to wear such jewelry and every person has its own reason behind this selection. Following mentioned could be the key reasons why people select to wear god stone pendants:

  • Faith

Faith is the key reason for which people wear god stones. Most of the people wear god stone pendants to reaffirm their belief and faith in a specific god or religion. The most popular god jewelry worn by Indians is of OM. They wear it in form of bracelets and pendants so they could feel god closer to them with every passing second.

 religious stone pendants

  • Sign of protection

Most of the people who wear their religious symbols think that it would be a sign of security and protection for them and that particular symbol will keep them safe and secure from any upcoming danger or calamity.  They wear those signs as an assurance of safety and protection and they believe that as long as they’ll keep wearing that sign, nothing can harm them.

  • Gifts

Nowadays these stone gods pendant are used as a medium of gifts, people buy it for their loved ones to give them and to provide them a feel of belongingness and safety. These religious pieces of jewelry are gifted to the loved ones on religious events and ceremonies. They are represented as a sign of prosperity and good health.

  • Trend

Wearing religious symbols are nowadays considered as a part of fashion and these are the highly used trend now. A lot of people wear religious jewelry and they are highly popular and also in latest fashion.

  • Auspicious

People who wear religious jewelry believe that wearing religious jewelry is fortunate and auspicious for them. They feel blessed and lucky while wearing that jewelry.

  • Looks Pleasant

Other than the main reasons including harmony, peace, satisfaction and the sense of protection, religious jewelry helps the people to look pleasant and different.

Jewelry is a fashion icon, but the spiritual value of religious ornaments can’t be denied.