Say Goodbye To High School With This Gorgeous Prom Dresses

On the blink, the holidays ended, the school reached you faster than you expected, adulthood is knocking on the door and the countdown to finish your studies is almost over. At last, you will be free!

You followed the advice, and during your last year, put the focus on important the goals, developing a plan (maybe going to college, traveling, etc.). But don’t forget the most important event of the year as is your prom party and the choice among all of the prom dresses trends available. That is why we bring you three prom tips 2019 to look beautiful and also, we will tell you about three things you must do before finishing high school and have a fantastic closer. Start your new life with the right foot!

  1. Black long dress to enhance the figure

Long black dresses can stylize every silhouette because dark tones always make us look taller and thinner. In this tone, you can choose a fitted model. Put aside the false beliefs that walking through life with loose clothing favors you because it is only a matter of attitude and personal tastes. Try wearing knee-length dresses to make your legs look longer, and with a fitted cut that will flatter your body.

That’s why we recommend you get this piece from the prom dresses division by Jovani, the Black Fitted High Slit Backless Prom Dress.

  1. Glamorous Red Velvet

The dresses with deep necklines are also very flattering, especially if you do not have much bust. Pieces like the Red Floral Embroidered Fitted High Slit Jersey Prom Dress by Jovani have the perfect length to make your legs seem thinner due to its flare and cut. It is also fresh and comfortable and has short sleeves; fabulous if you want to cover specific regions of the body that most concern girls your age.

Another cut that looks great with this color are peplum tops; with ruffles, they look fantastic when it comes to creating a thinner illusion, they make your waist look smaller, and your hips get rounded, the curvy hourglass body you’ve always dreamed of!

  1. Fashion color midi dress

If you have an event coming soon, don’t hesitate to get a mustard-colored dress. You can opt for a neckline with pleats as it will be very complimentary if you do not have much chest; when it comes to side openings, they must be just the right length to extend the vision of your legs, keeping it classy.

The neckline in peak coupled with the sleeves is excellent to disguise your arms, while the neckline also causes the same effect. If you want to stylize your body, then look for a top that complies with these two rules.

Concerning the type of skirt, the pencil skirt can be your best ally. To use it there’s no need to look like a model on Seventeen Magazine, although you might want to take a look into its recent article 50 Life-Changing Prom Beauty Tips You Haven’t Heard Before, to receive some extra inspiration.

Now that you know what prom dresses are best for you, we have made a small list of things you can do before saying goodbye to your school and with which you will feel great afterwards.

  • Settle pending accounts: Offer an apology to all those people with whom you once behaved severely on or just felt distant; It’s not healthy to leave loose ends. Even those “frenemies”, maybe while school went, you hate them with all your will, but it is a beautiful time in your life that you will miss when it is no longer part of your life. That is why this list will help you create unforgettable moments before you leave it forever.
  • Make a time capsule: Write a letter for your future self, with your dreams and goals, so that a few years later you can compare it with your reality. This could help you change perspective if you need it.
  • Thank your teacher: There’s undoubtedly a teacher who impacted your life in a lot of positive ways, it’s time to show you how much you care with some cute detail that motivates you to continue being a great teacher