Functions of Nail Manicure, and Manicure kit

Nicely manicured nails can make a vast difference between the wrong first impression and a good one. Most women believe that how their nails look, speaks a lot about them and therefore making them look attractive, it’s their priority. Thus, to make your nails look beautiful, you should at least for the best franquicias de uñas. Additionally, you should include the following:


Glass Nail file is the right item you should invest for if you really to achieve nicely filed nails. However, they may seem quite expensive compared to your standard makeup collection, but still, they remain suitable for nails. Glass-Nail-flies will absolutely leave your nail less jagged and smoother.

Base Coat

It seems significant to place a thin transparent layer polish on the nails before the vibrant color polish. Actually, it is essential to great and healthy-looking nails. A perfect base coating helps to protect the nails from stains, for instance, when using dark-colored pain-polish. It is a great way to make sure that healthy nails won’t peel, break, split or even brittle.

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 While buying the basecoat, always choose the one that has vitamin E or aloe vera since it will assist in fortifying the nails. Healthy nails always look incredible, and if added with basecoat, it will make them appear smoother and durable.


The topcoat was intended to make the nails look great by avoiding chipping and make the polish last for a more extended period. The top coating also protects the nails from damage, especially at work such as washing clothes, dishes or any other activity can destruct the manicure. 

Non-Acetone Polish remover 

No-acetone polish remover is significant for various reasons; the ordinary polish remover will suffice for a simple picking unsightly polish of the tips. It is, therefore, isn’t recommended while removing the nail polish from acrylic nails. It is also an excellent means to makes that the nail polish follows the nails properties.

It also removes unwanted oils from the nails. By taking the cotton ball and dipped it in non-acetone remover, it will ideally wipe across the nails. You should always have the multi-remover since it will assure you that you are still prepared.

Nail Tweezers/Clippers 

A pair of good nail clippers is an essential item for healthy nails as well as the complete comfort. The nails clippers that are not up to the right standard can result in painful hangnails and jagged edges. Similarly, tweezers also are essential to maintaining healthy and clean toenails and nails.

Cotton Pads

Cotton caps are one of the essentials that should never miss out in your nail container. It is a cotton piece that is usually used to eliminate nail polish, separate the toes during pedicure and prime the nails for using polish. Besides the above essentials, franquicias de uñas are among the essential tips you should use to make your nails look attractive.