Finer Balances for the Best Suits Now

Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday, an important dinner, you need a new costume. You have thought about the bespoke suit but, after seeing the prices, you wonder if it’s really worth it? And what is the difference between tailor-made and ready-to-wear? We will explain everything to you.

A garment to your measure

In general, when we are just over 25, our friends start getting married and the big opportunities start to multiply. This is the opportunity to buy his first real suit, supposed to come replace your indestructible black jacket and plain pants that has faced the birthday parties, eve and other special days. The deals for the prom suits are also there now.

But when it comes to choosing, two solutions are available to you: that of ready-to-wear, its cheaper prices and the speed of purchase; either invest in a bespoke suit, and thus prefer the quality to spend more money than expected. That said, you are not necessarily convinced that the game is worth the candle. Is there really an interest in putting so much money into a set that you will wear once in a while?

Especially since many ready-to-wear chains are now producing perfectly correct costumes, with original cuts and in a quality fabric. Yes, but now, it is not for nothing that the custom-made suit proposed at Faubourg Saint-Sulpice is a little more expensive and it is not for nothing that it is known to be of a much higher quality to that of ready-to-wear. We explain why.

Why the bespoke?

How is a first appointment with a stylist-tailor? Well, you enter the shop and discover the different fabrics, the different offers, you stroll quietly, start thinking about what you want … Except that here you have the opportunity to talk with a craftsman who puts on your know-how and advice to help you find the right suit for you.

Whether you prefer to tell him exactly what you are looking for or to let him guide you, he will accompany you every step of the way in making your bespoke suit. The cut, the fabric, the color, but also the shirt, nothing is left to chance: he knows the different offers and can recognize what suits each silhouette.

But the big difference between tailor-made and ready-to-wear is the creation of a unique pattern made according to your measurements and which will be used to cut your future suit. So, you are not embarrassed in any of your gestures and you feel like in a second skin. Where a ready-to-wear suit serves you a little shoulder or sleeves too short, the custom offers unbeatable guarantees.

And the half-measure?

The other option that is possible is that of the half-measure. Still little known, it is a good compromise between tailor-made suits and ready-to-wear suits. Unlike ready-to-wear, your measurements and features of your morphology are also taken into account but you do not have a unique pattern. Your tailor will actually make your costume on a pattern that he chooses according to your silhouette.

You have a quality suit and, what he loses in terms of accuracy in relation to your figure, he wins on the bill and your wallet will probably be grateful.