Facts About Eyewear That You Should KNow About

~sungalsses & shades for women are unique in is own way since its always been very fashion driven. Its curvy lives and a wide variety of colors signifies femininity and individuality that represents each women user respectively. Although most sungalsses & shades for women are mostly pretty good to look at, there are things that women should know in buying an eyewear and that is to not just buy an eyewear for fashion sake but also for function as well.

Women are emotional creatures and this might be one of the big reasons why women often buys shade or glasse that don’t really function other than for fashion. This shouldn’t be the case and this is because eyewear is primarily made for protection and the fashion aspect should be secondary. Eyewear protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and that function should be taken seriously. So if you’re out buying sunglasses or shades for whatever reason, below are a few things that you should look for.

Buying An Eyewear

Should have a hundred percent UV (ultraviolet) protection: UV lights are types of light being emitted by the sun and it can damage the eyes over time if constantly exposed to it. If you’re going to buy a sunglasses or shades, might as well go for 100% UV proof ones for good measure. Although there are some really cool ones that has lesser UV protection, always opt for the ones that have higher UV protection. Always opt for functionality and safety than style.

Polarized lenses don’t protect you from a UV light: Most people think that just because polarize lenses helps make them cool and able to withstand direct sunlight that it can filter UV light. The fact is it can’t, but it does its job well in giving you better vision in very high contrasty days like high noon, and when you’re sailing at sea in a time where the heat of the sun reflects in the water. It’s a simple filter and nothing more.

The color of your lenses doesn’t spell protection: There are many variations of the color of lenses fitted in shades and sunglasses these days and most people think that the darker or cooler the color is that it offers protection. The fact is, it doesn’t, it just adds style. So if you love those orangy glasses but you opted to buy the darker blue ones because you think that it protects your eyes more, you’re so dead wrong. They are all the same unless the lense offers a few specs like UV protection.

Buying sunglasses or lenses for women is mostly in the emotional aspect (gut feeling). Women always buy something because they like it or because they love it and so on and later on after after the purchase will they read the tech specs (if there is one). This should not be the case, it should be the other way around, because more than what it was advertised, sunglasses or shades are more of a protective piece. So the next time you buy one don’t just go for your gut feeling, check the specs first because safety should always be the priority.