Choosing the right color for your prom dress

While selecting prom dress, the color plays a major role in deciding how good the dress is. Apart from the dress style, choosing the best color is important. Let us take a look at the popular color options for prom dresses.


Blue is without a doubt the favorite color for prom dresses. Blue is one color that looks good on just about everyone. There are multiple shades of blue from sky blue to navy blue and baby blue to royal blue. Choose the shade that matches your skin tone.


After blue, red is the most popular prom dress color. It is the brightest color that would make your dress stand out in the crowd. It helps a girl look sexy and stunning whichever maybe the shade of red worn.


This is a traditional favorite. White is a very popular color for prom dresses. It suits the lacy type of dresses. A white gown highlights the beauty of the wearer. It helps you look like a fairy princess.


As they say, black is beautiful. It is without doubt, a striking color. It is stylish, glamorous, and makes one look sensuous. A great advantage of black is that it shifts the focus to the dress color and helps to look slim and trim. Any other shortcomings get ignored as everyone focus on the color.


While this may seem to be a garish option, there is no doubt that gold is the color of glamour. This is the best color to look grand, glamorous and present a film star kind of effect. You can even look at glittering gold for the best effect.


A dress with a nude tone is popular and can help accentuate your skin color. It is trendy, stylish and makes you look great. It is definitely a good option to consider.


Jewel colors like emerald, deep purple, ruby, and topaz are great options, especially for those with light colored eyes. They are attractive and romantic. They make you look colourful and it helps you shine at the prom.

Some tips to keep in mind

When you select the color of your prom dress, do keep these tips in mind so that you can select the best color to match your skin tone.

  • If your skin tone is dark, you can consider jewel tones or bright colors.
  • If you have a light skin tone, you could look at black as a contrasting color or consider pastel colored dresses.
  • If you have a medium type of skin tone, then consider metallic hues or earth colors.
  • Try to match the dress color with your eye color.
  • Keep in mind that the dress color must match the accessories you wear.


Before one selects a prom dress, make sure the color selected is apt and allows you to stand out in the crowd. The color should suit you perfectly to make an impact. Ensure the color matches your skin tone, eye color and the accessories you wear.