How could two people be alike and yet so different?

Sisterhood is one of the complicated relationships to describe. Siblings survive together by growing pains, sibling rivalry, teasing. There are so many memories that every sister make from their childhood. It feels weird to express the love between sisters. Having a sister who makes you laugh, wipe your tears, hugged you tight when you needed it, cheering you on, made you mad, frustrated you at the time, supported you no matter what and despite everything they love you and care. Having a sister with whom you share everything and had lots of fun together are now being separated because of the systematic rule which is continued from the ancestors. Sisters grow up to the different phrases together and after a few years, they become close friends. It’s a rule to give sister wedding speech but it feels different and makes emotional to speak about own sister. Sisters are the god-given gifts, but the toughest time is to let her go to her mother-in-law’s house. There were some instances where sisters feel like losing her sister but it doesn’t feel on the wedding day because the relationship which is between sisters is unbreakable. Even though they fought, cry and tease each other, they stay together at their difficult times by supporting.

sister of the bride speech

The sister of the bride never thought that she would be happy in her marriage but on the wedding day right to the groom, the bride looks happier than ever before. They are so many moments where the sisters feel like true hate each other but at the same time, there is some underlying bond of love so strong and it can’t be destroyed by anyone. At times she may be upsetting, sometimes makes mad, sometimes her words may wound and sometimes makes sad. But they will never find another girl who loves you more than others. Despite their differences, they share happiness and sorrow both, that, only a sister could understand.  And this is the goodness and pleasure of having sisters. Sisters are made to be the best of friends and most of them say that siblings are of a kind, different nuts from the same tree. Along the path of life’s journey, they share joys, sorrows and everything by helping each other. Sisters will be connected by the heart side-by-side or miles apart sisters will always be connected.