You Can’t Fool Mother Nature – But You Can Resemble Her

Setting the stage for a fashion shoot can be as key to the success of the endeavor as the clothes and the model wearing them.  The location serves as more than a backdrop, it is used to convey a message about what the designer had in mind when the first sketch came into being.  It is used to play up the style of the dress or garment, and how is should be worn.  Often the shot will go against type, for example, putting a soft and feminine gown against the edginess of a wall in gritty alleyway.  Models are known for going all over the world to work in exotic locations or historical settings just to provide the proper ambience for a photo shoot.  With millions on the line, it’s understandable that so much would go into getting just the right look, lighting, and location to create the perfect shot.  Many models complain that the sultry look on their face hides the extreme cold they were suffering, or that the heat of a sandy beach was very hard on their skin.

The props that are used to set the stage must be hearty to hold up under the strong lights that are usually trained on the subjects for hours.  Wedding photographers often turn to artificial flowers for these intense shoots because they will hold up under the glare, and won’t wilt or turn brown as some fresh blooms do.  Using high quality artificial florals is one of the best kept secrets of many photo studios.  And when they want to use the best, they order them from Balsam Hill.  They know these florals are made by hand from the finest materials.  They are curated to reflect the most artistic styles available, and they are so realistic they have been used in weddings and no one was the wiser.

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