What do you mean by Goose down pillow? How is it made?

The Goose down pillow is a super soft, luxurious, cloud-like comforting pillow made from the feathers of the goose/geese. The feathers, here, means not the stiff quills of the goose. The pillows are specially made from the part of the hair/feather that covers the chest of the goose/geese called downs. They are super soft and fluffy, which makes the pillows more comfortable and resilient.

Benefits and uses.

  • If you live in the coldest part of the globe, these pillows are a must, the down fills inside your pillow give you the much-needed warmth and insulation. This may not be fulfilled completely by the regular synthetic-filled pillows.
  • The nature of these downs is to give warmth and a comforting experience. That is the reason for these to be used as fills in the pillows.
  • The goose is larger when compared to its other family breeds. Therefore, the clusters taken from them are used as fill powers for the pillows, to make them fluffy, super soft, and long-lasting.


  • The downs are collected from various parts of the world, to make pillows, comforters, etc. There is no specific industry standard to measure the quality of these downs. However, the downs originated from the European markets have gained more attention from the customers.
  • Having said that, the downs from the matured goose are dense than the less matured ones. However, it is not easy to find such matured downs collectively together. Therefore they are all mixed and matched to give a denser fill to the pillows.
  • Therefore, it is good to say that the denser cluster from the matured downs offers you are better quality.
  • In general, a range from 650 -850 fill power offers a quality pillow.

Goose down pillow

Some of the other benefits

  • The pillows made with goose downs are washable. But make sure to dry it completely before using it again.
  • Because a damp or not sun-dried pillow can give you discomfort in terms of odor and shape.
  • Always look and follow the manufactures instructions before washing them, for long-lasting usage.

Some of the other facts

  • People generally misunderstand downs of goose and duck are the same. But there is a little difference between both. The duck downs are less expensive than the former. It all depends on the fill power that they both provide.
  • To get a high fill power, you may need a high volume of cluster downs. The goose being larger than ducks offers to provide more clusters than the duck.
  • This is the reason being for its expensive nature. Because they offer large volume clusters that provide greater fill power.
  • The other slight difference is the odor. The downs from the goose are compared to be less odor than that of the ducks.


Hope the above information makes a clear understanding of what is goose down and the benefits of goose down pillow.