Take Advantage of the Revolutionary Designs of Contemporary Wallets

Wallets have always been a symbol of personal statement and a mark of style for men. Whether it’s to secure important cards or cash, wallets are must-have accessories for men. Wallets from Ed Charly believe in providing multi-functional wallets in the simplest yet trendy designs. The minimalist wallet is not short of contemporary features and suits your requirements perfectly. Crafted with a lightweight design, these wallets pack more benefits than those that meet the eye.

Cards, coins, cash, or keys, securing them is a cakewalk with uncluttered slots designed meticulously. What stands apart is not just the contemporary design but, the sophisticated materials used in making these wallets. The most distinct material used is the crazy horse leather that happens to be the leather used to make horse saddles. A special wax applied to the smooth leather, causing changes in the color and giving a rustic look. What you get is a vintage masterpiece that is stylish and simple to use. The luxurious finish is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, durable, and can stand the test of time. Want to secure your cards from identity theft? The Radio-frequency identification material, commonly called RIFD material, is a metallic blocking material that creates a magnetic field around the wallet for identity protection. The metals are fastened as linings inside the seams and are hidden from the naked eye.

Minimalist Wallet

The revolutionary features and modern designs inspire the finishing of highly functional wallets with meaningful purposes. It is perhaps not wrong to say that the wallet is the universal wallet for men. The exclusive brand from Singapore has performed continuous research to draft a design and create a prototype that meets the desired requirements. The research concentrates around creating the perfect wallet, unlike the numerous other brands that are either too bulky or too small.The distinctive characteristics make sure you don’t need to carry another wallet even for your overseas travel.

The brand introduced ground-breaking techniques to develop fashionable wallets worth every penny through the Kick starter campaign. The mission was to continuously re-design to secure all the essentials in the most compact way possible. These wallets are the latest innovations in lifestyle products that suit your daily needs. It’s the most convenient way to keep your important cards in a single, quick-to-access place. No more ransacking through bags and storage units.

Own the minimalist wallet that combines an antique outlook with a contemporary finish that works for your needs. The designing team from Singapore leave no stone unturned to create a work of art that speaks for itself. You can also opt for premium leather cable straps to secure your cords and earphones neatly. It’s a useful product to keep your cables and chargers together and well-organized while traveling.