Should I Get A Coffee Press Today

I am not a coffee or tea fan so why should I get a coffee press? That’s the question we ask ourselves before we invest in French press coffee makers. What some us don’t know is that coffee makers can do more than just making coffee and tea. High-grade coffee makers like the Cafe du chateau are made from hardwearing stainless steel work well for their intended purposes.  If you are wondering why you should get your coffee press today, here is why.

Making Organic Quinoa

If you enjoy taking organic quinoa, it is best you get your coffee press today.  A high-end and performance-oriented stainless steel French press will help rinse your quinoa. As long as the mesh inside the plunger is fine enough, it will efficiently rinse the quinoa to extract the useful contents for easy preparation of quinoa drinks. The preparation process is extremely simple as all you need to do is to add the dry quinoa to your press, add water to it, and pump it for several minutes to form the quinoa drink.

coffee press

Rehydrate Foods

We live in the freezer and fridge world. We everyday cook with freeze dehydrated and dried foods. For those who hate the idea of cooking with freeze-dried foods, getting a high-quality coffee press can help you in a great way. With the right French press, you can rehydrate the dried foods to make them easier for cooking and healthier. The process of hydrating freeze fried foods is naturally simple as it is all about adding hot water in the food and pushing down the plunger to ensure it is covered fully.  Once done, let it stay for about 15 minutes and then pour out the excess water.

Herbal Infusion

You can also use your coffee press to make herbal infusions for medicinal uses. You can easily do this by utilizing herbs and spices. An herbal infusion is simply a high concentration herbal tea known for its emotional and physiological healing effects. The range of ingredients you can use in making your herbal tea is limitless as the choice depends entirely on you.

Making Juices

If you love drinking organic juices, you should get your coffee press today.  As long as you get a fully functional and super-efficient French press, you can use it to make juices from different fruits. All you need to do is to extract the juicy contents of your preferred fruit be it blackberries, strawberries, or raspberries and mix them with water to form your desired juice. The density of the juice is dependent on the amount of water you add to the juice.

The uses of a French press coffee maker are beyond the ordinary man’s imaginations. These powerful and efficient devices have so many more applications than you may even think of. If you have read our article above, you have known the key reasons you should consider getting yourself a French press coffee maker today. You don’t necessarily need to be a tea or coffee fanatic to buy this amazing coffee maker. You can visit to learn more about our high-end coffee maker and place an order now.