Now Warm Milk Quickly With Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

This appliance contains a bottle warmer, light, setting knobs, defrosting setting, milk, and food warming setting. You can warm milk in this Philips Avent bottle warmer up to the limit of 180ml/60z.This appliance is only suitable for indoor use and keeps it out of reach children who are below eight years. Never put the machine, the cord attached to it, or the plugin water, which will damage the device. Do not allow any snag in the cable and keep it taut. The central wire should not be adjacent to hot surfaces or o objects, which may damage the insulation of it. While plugging in, make sure your electrical line is well earthed.


The voltage inscribed at the base of the device must synchronize with the primary energy of your premises. If an extension cord is needed, use a high quality earthed one with a minimum rating of 13 amperes. The central cord, plug, and the appliance should be in good condition before you use it. Any damage in the cable or plug could lead to malfunctioning and spoil of the device. Keep away the appliance from cooking systems, including oven. Children below the age of 8 years should not use it. People who are mental and physical retards can use it under supervision. You should not allow your child to play with it, or allow him to clean it. Put water and bottle with the cap before you switch on the device.

Hot water can you severe burn and injury, be careful when there is water in the bottle warmer. The outer surface may get heated during the operation, do not move it while it is hot. Remove the food or milk immediately; it has achieved the desired temperature from the warmer — otherwise, the temperature soars. Before feeding your child, always check the temperature of the food or milk.


This is a household appliance designed for home, guest house, office, shop, kitchens, and other dwelling and working environments. Unplug it after use and clean the machine after it has cooled. Take it to an authorized service station if a problem arises; do not try to mend it by yourself.

EMF (Electromagnetic field)

This device complies with standard and benchmark regulations and norms regarding exposure to EMF. With this handy device, you can warm milk bottles and other baby food containers and jars. In defrosting state, the milk or food is turned into liquid. To cook it, set the milk warming setting.