How to Find the Magic Mushrooms in Wild?

If you stay near the forest then you will be able to learn about habitat that mushrooms grow in & see if it matches to any habitats close to you.  Problem is if there’s the location, which grows them likely other people may already know about this & you won’t get any. Let us look in detail about the top magic mushrooms in wild, which explains how you can identify them, and how you can buy shrooms online:

Here we will also talk about psilocin, psilocybin, and baeocystin percentages level and why you have to add it to determine its potency.  This can have the major impact on dosage that you take as some are around 12x more potent.

How to Buy Magic Mushrooms on Street

The option is probably the least expensive and street rate for buying them is much lower comparatively.  And we saw with a spore print option that you can make 1 ounce for $30 with a spore print. One of the biggest benefit of buying this on a street is somebody else has taken time to grow this & dry out for you.  The process that will take some months if you do it yourself.

One of the simplest way you can find somebody on a street that sells the magic mushrooms is asking somebody who smokes marijuana.  From where they purchase marijuana will probably know somebody who sells magic mushrooms.

Sport Print

The spore print is made by cutting off cap of the mushroom and placing this gill side down on the piece of foil.  Then you place the glass cover over this to cover a cap.  Then you allow this sit for over 24 hours & come back.  You can then take the syringe as well as inject spores in the substrate (that will be a kind of soil that you want this to grow in).

Final Words

Now you know different options to get magic mushrooms.  One of the safest option is ordering the spore print online as it is basically one piece of foil wrapped in the zip-lock bag, which you will get in a mail and will not set off red flags. The easiest & safest way of getting it online that can allow you get this shipped to anywhere across world without any risk of this being seized will be buying the spore print.