Guide to Properly Clean Display Cases

A display case is often called display cabinet. Display cabinets come in different forms but if you want to showcase your valuables inside your home, you need to choose transparent glass. Display cabinets are eye-catching. It will be the highlight of your home.

If you have one at home, you need to know how to properly maintain it to preserve its look and beauty. Many people consider display cabinets to put their china, keepsakes and other silverware. There is nothing wrong if you want to display these things just make sure that it is always sparkling clean.

Glass cabinets particularly need maintenance. Sometimes you will feel that it is troublesome to clean especially with the annoying streaks. To be successful, here is a guide to properly clean and maintain your glass display cases:

Choose the right rags

Other people just consider any kind of rag to clean the glass but that is no use. The truth is, you need a particular kind of rag that can effectively clean any glass surface not just your display case. You should consider paper or microfiber cloths. Do not use cotton or plain towels because there is a tendency that lint will be left behind.

Choose the right chemicals

Now that you know the right rag, the next thing to do is to look for the right chemicals. There are many glass cleaning chemicals on the market. The easiest way is to look for spray chemicals because you do not need to mix anything. However, if you are trying to look for cheaper solutions, you can consider mixing 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon, and 1 cup water. Ammonia can be used after to keep the glass from being cloudy. If you do not like to mix anything, you can simply use soap and water to clean the glass.

Check for streaks

Streaks are annoying and it takes time to get rid of them completely. To check streaks, you should clean the front and back of the class in different directions. For example, wipe using up and down motion when cleaning the back and then side-to-side motion when cleaning the front. This is helpful in determining which sides the streaks are.

Work fast

You need to work fast whenever you are cleaning a glass surface. Drying the chemicals quickly will prevent the streaks. With this in mind, you have to make sure that you have everything you need before you start.

Choosing the right display cabinets can be overwhelming but you can easily narrow down your options if you know what to consider. When ordering, you have to know the size and the available type of display cabinets. There are different types of display cabinets like wall-mounted, horizontal, Queen Anne, black museum, and tower display. As soon as you know the size and the type, you can proceed to find the right vendor or seller.

If you want to order conveniently, you have to consider online stores. Check the payment options first before checking out. Keep in mind the number of days to deliver. A display cabinet will be an excellent addition to your furniture and living room.