The types of contact lenses and its uses that you need to know

Contact lenses vary differently from each other; it can be a fashion accessory or an aide for people with problems with their vision. Regardless of its use, contact lenses have been very useful and important for a lot of people for many, many years already that is why it is completely important for you to purchase contact lenses with extra care and caution.

To help you out, you should keep reading this post that will provide you helpful tips on choosing the right type of contact lenses for your specific needs.

When it comes to your options, your initial step is to choose the two most basic types of lenses, soft, and hard contact lenses. For the majority of people who wear contact lenses, they often wear soft lenses according to ophthalmologists while the hard or rigid gas-permeable lenses are usually worn by only a small percentage of people.

Hard lenses are usually the top choice for people who suffer from astigmatism or those who have a medical condition in which the protein deposits form on their contact lenses. After you decided which type of contact lenses you want to wear, there are many categories of contact lenses that are available. To learn more check out a detailed list below. For good quality contact lenses, check out

  1. Daily wear contact lenses– This contact lens is usually the cheapest type available which can be worn and be taken out each night and be disinfected to make it used again the next day.
  2. Extended wear contact lenses- This type of contact lens is mainly designed to be worn the entire night, even though they are needed to be removed at least once a week to be cleaned up and get disinfected, but, a lot of eye professionals do not encourage its use because you are very vulnerable to get infection specifically corneal infection by wearing it overnight.
  3. Disposable contact lenses- Just like the daily wear contact lenses, the disposable contact lenses can be replaced every day, however, it does not involve any maintenance. The disposable contact lenses, however, costs a bit more knowing that you have to replace a new pair every day, but it is more convenient.
  4. Toric contact lenses- This is mainly used to correct astigmatism to provide people with a clearer vision. Astigmatism causes people to have a blurry vision because of the irregularly shaped cornea or the lens inside the eye. This type of contact lens is expensive compared to others.
  5. Colored contact lenses- This is mainly used for fashion purposes where the user can choose from different colors according to their taste and preferences like the ones you can purchase at
  6. Multifocal contact lenses- This is used for people with presbyopia or a condition where older people have difficulties bringing close to objects to get focus on it. This type of contact lens enables them to focus on the image clearer without any difficulties.