Kanekalon Hair in making Braids

Many of us may believe that the tighter the braids, the longer the style will last. Kanekalon hair (a high-quality synthetic) is made partly of modified acrylic fibres and vinyl chloride, which is used to give an extension to the natural hair.

What Is Kanekalon?

For those who aren’t familiar with kanekalon, this hair extension is by far the best for braid styles because of its composition. For 50 years, kanekalon has been a world-renowned synthetic fibre made of modified acrylic fibres that stem from acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride. Basically, this fibre is ideally available for synthetic hair because it closely resembles human hair with natural softness.

This fibre is often creamy or white and comes in a variety of lengths, crimp levels and deniers. It contains an array of shrinking potentials and is easy to seal with steam and other related methods. The best quality of kanekalon hair is the most heat resistant-taking the worry out of styling. It is also of high quality and resembles human hair because it’s made with natural collagen protein that lends a rich, moisturised feel.

Putting in Kanekalon Braids

After knowing about the basics, it’s essential to know the best way to put in these fantastic braids. One has to keep in mind the thickness of one’s natural hair. It is better to choose smaller braids for thinner hair and larger braids for thicker hair as the natural hair has to withstand the process.

Before starting to make the braids, it is necessary that the hair is fully washed, moisturized. and brushed out. Make sure that it’s free of all knots and tangles. Better to give the scalp a good massage as well.

Make certain to section off the hair with a fine-toothed comb and secure the extension at the root of the hair using a firm gel.  It is advised to go easy on the pilling of the hair while braiding it, as it might damage the roots and follicles of the natural hair.

Goddess braids with kanekalon hair look like braids made with natural hair. Experience and expertise are the essential requisites in making the braids with kanekalon hair.

Care for Kanekalon Braids

One can absolutely switch up the variety of one’s braided hairstyles but has to keep in mind that the hair must be changed after eight weeks maximum. Everyone wants to maintain the health of the natural hair. While kanekalon hair can withstand a lot of heat, one has to let one’s hair, air dry after using a gentle shampoo to limit excessive exposure to heat.

Timely use of moisturisers and jojoba oil makes the hair balanced, moisturised, healthy and shiny regardless of extensions or not.

Once the braids are in place, it’s ideal to sleep with a satin head scarf wrapped around the head to keep in moisture and to maintain the security of the beautiful braids. Spritzing the hair with a water-based (not alcohol-based) moisturiser will keep both the hair and the extensions soft and the frizz out!

Adding in long kanekalon extensions gives free reign over the styling choices so one can keep Goddess braids with kanekalon hair down or rock a rainbow half up style with a bun.