How to Make Up Brown Smoky Eyes

The smoky brown eyes is an ideal makeup to use it on a daily basis but also for more special events. In addition, brown is a color that feels good in both light eyes, such as green or blue, and in the case of darker eyes, such as brown and hazel. Another benefit of brown Smokey eyes is that your eyes will look much bigger and give your eyes a dramatic style without being as strong as the smoky eyes in black. If you want to enjoy this so flattering look, you just have to continue reading this article about how to make up brown smoky eyes in an easy and simple way.

Steps to follow:how to make up brown smoky eyes

1   To begin to make up your brown smoky eyes you should have the following products and materials on hand:

  • Brown eyeshadow.
  • Bronze eyeshadow.
  • Eyeliner black or dark brown.
  • Prebase of shades to prepare the eyelids.
  • Brushes set.

Usual makeup

2   Before starting to create our brown smoky eyes, we must prepare the eyelids so that the makeup lasts much longer. To do this, apply the prebase for eyeshadow or, failing that, the makeup base you use regularly on your eyelids. You can apply the prebase either with your own fingers or with a small size brush.

3   It’s time to apply eye shadows to make our eyes smoky brown. As we have chosen two shades to make this effect (brown and bronze), we must apply the lightest shade (brown color) throughout the eyelid. To do this, take a brush and apply the eye shadow starting from the inner part to the corner of your eye coloring to the hole where the eyelids end.

4   Now we will have to apply the darker eyeshadow in our eyelid hollow, in our case, the bronze one. Take a brush and begin to apply the eye shadow on the fold of the eyelids making a kind of line that should reach the outer part of the eyelid hollow. When you get to the outside, you must do the movement backwards: you have to draw the line towards the inner part of the eye.

5   When you have applied the two shades of eyeshadow, you should blur them so that the lines you have made are not so marked. With the help of a brush, you will have to blur the makeup by making upward movements. Then, you will have to blur the eye shadow of the crease of the eyelid so that it is uniform with the lightest shade. And finally, you will also blur the eye shadow on the outside of the eye to make it more curved.

6   The next step will be to apply the eyeliner on the top of our eyes. The eyeliner is not an obligatory option but with it, the eyes will look bigger and it will seem that we have more lashes. So that the line we make with the eyeliner does not end up being irregular, we must lift the outer part of the eyelid and stretch it up a bit.

While you stretch the eyelid with one hand, with the other you must apply the eyeliner on the line vertically and drawing it in several sections, because if you try to make the line in a single section, it will surely come out irregular.

7   Now you have to go back to blur everything and for that, you have to take a brush and start on the outside of the eye and move to the inside. Then, you have to move from one side to the other imitating the movement of a windshield until all the makeup is smooth and uniform.

8   To finish making smoky brown eyes, you have to apply a mascara, either black or dark brown. To give more volume to your lashes, it is highly recommended that you use an eyelash curler before and then apply two layers of mascara making zig-zag movements.

how to make up brown smoky eyes

When you have finished applying the mascara, you will only have to eliminate the remains of eyeshadow that may have fallen on the face and use the rest of your usual makeup. And you’ll have your smoky brown eyes ready.

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Article Source: Tape Daily