Comfort And Style Together Is A Unique Thing, Wear Flats And Be Fashionably Comfortable


Kolhapurichappals are Indian hand-crafted leather slippers that are locally tanned using vegetable dyes. KolhapuriChappals or Kolhapuris as they are commonly referred to are a style of open-toed, T-strap sandal. Kolhapuri is a style and fashion which has been in the fashion world since a while now and even before being a part of the fashion world it has been the common wear for the comfort it provides.

Few of our bollywood celebrities are a big fan of kolhapurichappals like our favorite Saifali khan is a big fan of kolhapuri, he generally pair it with a pair of kurtapyjama and tan colored kolhapurichappal and the nawab looks justlike one wearing them and with him you can also spot his daughter saraali khan wearing kolhapurichappal with salwaarkameez, many other celebrities also are a big fan of kolhapuri.

Kolhapurichappals are the most comfortable footwear as they are handmade and the material used is such it provides you the comfort you need while wearing a footwear.



Flat sandals are the one which has no heels and other word which we use for them is comfort, why to stress your feet and legs with all those heels when you have a flat sandals which gives you a great look and are the most easy to wear and the most comfortable.

Flat sandals are one which you can wear on an office day, long days at office and have so many meetings to attend it is best to wear a flat sandal which you can carry the whole day without any discomfort.

Sandals universe is so broad that they could be talking about all hours, in fact, all collections of designers who make us dream, sandals always have their own representation. But if there is a season when sandals are indispensable is the summer. There are many style sandals as the imagination can encompass. And in the summer, are flat sandals that become the undisputed protagonists of our outfits. Some people are reluctant to get off the heels even to go to the beach, but if we look pedicure without discomfort, flat sandals are the bestsolution.

Flat sandals go really well on formals and as well on casual wear, they look the most stylish on a formal wear and exactly the same when you pair it with your casual jeans and top wear. Flats are the most suitable foot wear in almost every occasion.

Do not stress yourself with all those complicated piece of foot wear when you have the most comfortable foot wear with you, go for flats and look stylish and be comfortable throughout the day.