Can microblading eyebrows prove better than makeup?

Everyone wants those thick, full eyebrows like Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne. But, filling and shaping eyebrows becomes a time-consuming affair for individuals with sparse eyebrows. It’s a tedious process. Thankfully, microblading is here to help. To find the nearest clinic, just type “eyebrow microblading near me” as keywords in the search engine.

Treatment procedure

Beautician (or technician) uses handheld tools and tattoos eyebrows on the skin as a part of the microblading procedure. The process is also referred to as cosmetic tattooing.

How long can the benefits of microblading last?

Microblading is a perfect option for individuals who have thin eyebrows or suffer hair loss and over-tweezing. It can ensure you look best all the time, without spending time on makeup. Results can last for anywhere between one to three years, depending on the individual’s lifestyle and overall health.

Is the procedure safe?

Experts discuss the client’s lifestyle, medical history, hair color, and concerns that he or she has during the consultation session before the procedure. Beauticians use specially-formulated pigments that are safe to be used on the face. These are manufactured as per strict quality guidelines.

The process is performed by trained, experienced professionals in most American states. The entire process may need an hour or less. You can search nearby clinics by typing “eyebrow microblading near me” in the search engine.

Precautions to be taken post-procedure

Remember, caring for the tattooed area is significant to achieve the best results. Don’t wash your hair or get your eyebrows wet during the timeframe specified by the beautician. In fact, you should not even touch them during this period. Your clinic or esthetician will provide a proper aftercare routine to be following during the first 14 days after the procedure.

There are two types of healing techniques, dry and wet. Your esthetician will recommend the best option depending on your skin type. Avoid swimming, spending time at a sauna, and taking long-showers. If you consume blood-thinning medications, your esthetician might suggest you not take them for a few days before and after the procedure. Driving bikes is a strict NO. Avoid scrubbing around eyebrows until advised to do so.

Do not apply any makeup or ointments on the operated areas or anywhere on the face. Apply the cream, and clean your eyebrows gently with a piece of cotton as per instructions during these 14 days. Depending on the skin type and the treatment’s expected outcome, your beautician may recommend a second or even a third session.