What are those conditions that affect the growth of eyelashes?

Eyelashes are found at the edge of the lids. It is a series of hairs that performs many functions for our eyes. It protects our eyes from small and harmful particles that may injure the eyes. It keeps protecting the moisture to enter into eyes like sweat or rainwater.  Eyelashes help our eyes to protect them from brightening like sunlight. They work to filter the light that shines into our eyes. Every small part of our body is important and has its various roles. It is our duty to keep them safe and healthy so that we remain healthy. Eyeshades are also important from a cosmetic point of view. They add beauty to our eyes. All those Women who don’t have long or thick lashes used eyelash extension kit for attractive eyes. There are many tips that help in growing lashes naturally and keep them healthy. Long, thick and beautiful lashes give awesome look to the eyes. A combination of home remedies and medication can help in growing them.  The growth of lashes is much slower in comparison to the scalp. If you are taking medication then the result may start appearing soon. Falling of lashes is a natural process. But if the falling is too much and they do not grow again it may be the problem. In case of more discomfort, you may consult with a dermatologist who will treat your problem and help you in getting long and thick lashes. Many serums and other products for lashes are available in the market that you can use. Nowadays many lashes boosting mascara has been used by people that give a rich look to the lashes and make eyes beautiful. There are many conditions that can affect the growth of lashes or may the result of their fall out:

  1. Bad hygiene: Persons who do not take care of the hygiene may face the problem of poor lashes or fall of lashes. It is very important to keep your eyes clean all the time. Make a habit of combing the lashes at least once a day. it helps in growing them better.
  2. Use of expiry make-up: Usually many women think that the use of expiry make-up does not affect much, which is wrong. Expiry make-up, sharing of make-up, or sleeping with wearing make can become a cause of fall out of lashes.
  3. Alopecia areata: This situation comes when the body itself harms the hair follicles which results in hair loss.
  4. Skin cancer: Skin Cancer is a horrible disease in itself. It affects badly to the skin and damages the cell so that it starts becoming hair loss.

Conclusion: If your lashes start falling much then it is an alarming time to go to the doctor and take proper treatment. Everyone should be aware of the condition of falling lashes. Falling of hairs and not growing back is a big sign of any misshaping in the body.