A setting powder is a superhero for people who have oily skin. You do not want to have a shiny T-zone by the end of the day or in the middle of it. Setting your face makeup with either a powder or spray will keep your makeup in place. It helps prevent the makeup from sliding off. Your makeup will feel like melting off your face without a setting powder. Using a setting powder has many benefits not everyone knows about.

Makes makeup last

A fine setting powder sets your makeup and makes it last. It can be frustrating when you have a super amazing look only to melt off your face even before the day ends. It is the secret of most makeup artists and should be part of your makeup kit.

Makes skin texture finer

The pores look smaller when you use setting powder on it. It somehow covers the pores so the skin will appear to have a finer texture. Your makeup will look even better on your skin.

Removes the stickiness of foundation or concealer

Using a foundation or concealer can be uncomfortable for some people. That is because of the sticky feeling it gives. Using a setting powder will remove that stickiness and prevent any unwanted feeling.

When looking for the best setting powder for dry skin and oily skin, make sure it does not change the color of your foundation. There are two setting powders you can choose from, the pressed powder and the loose powder.

Pressed powder

Since this one is compact, it is more neat to bring than loose powder. You can carry it around in your bag without worrying about it making a mess. There are more choices of shades than with loose powder. Make sure you choose a shade closer to the color of your foundation. Multi-toned pressed powder is great since your complexion is not one color all over your face.

Loose translucent powder

Most professional makeup artists use loose powder. A translucent one will fight less with your foundation than one with a specific shade. This powder does not build up on the skin causing a heavy caked look. Loose powder is very light. If you got it wrong and applied too much, you can dust the excess away with a large, soft brush.

A setting powder can be the final touch to your makeup. Try out several products until you find the one that best suits you.