What must you consider when you pick up meat tenderizers?

When you go shopping for a meat tenderizer, listed below are a few things that you must keep in mind so that you pick the best one for yourself.


When you’re shopping for a meat tenderizer you must always prioritize the quality of the meat tenderizer over anything else. For example, mallets that have no balance between the head and the hand should be avoided as they attempt to break easily and also are difficult to handle.

Meat tenderizers are also available in a broad variety of sizes and shapes. There are heavy, broad ones and they are really helpful for the big meat cuts, whereas the smaller ones are much better for smaller pieces of poultry or any other kind of meat. Also, you must contemplate whether you can hand wash the meat tenderizer or if you prefer watching it in a dishwasher.


The blades of the meat tenderizer are also another important facet that you must put thought into. These blades must be sharp and durable so that they provide maximum efficacy. These kitchen tools, if they come with weak blades, are inclined to break when you use them a few times and when you try to use them on a very big chunk of meat. Also when the blades are not very sharp they can get stuck and you may have to manually remove them.

What you must also contemplate is the number of blades that the meat tenderizer has. So the more blades the easier it becomes for you to tenderize the meat, nevertheless, an extensive number of blades tend to tear apart the meat. So they may not be suitable for the small cuts of meat.



The meat tenderizer handle should have an ergonomic design. It should fit your hand so that you have good control when you are tenderizing the meat. You can also go for a meat tenderizer that has a grip that does not easily slip from your hand. It is an essential factor, especially for mallets.

Blade and needle tenderizer have horizontal handles. To use them you must grab them and then press them down. The handles of mallets are generally allowed to swing. Nevertheless, there are mallets that have vertical handles. With a clenched fist and a downward motion, you should be able to tenderize your meat using these tenderizers that have vertical handles.