The Importance Of Finding The Right Sports Bra

Physical exercise is important for everyone, no matter their gender. People accomplish their daily exercise in various ways, such as running, jogging, cycling, and more. Female runners need the right pair of women sports bra, just like the right pair of running shoes. They are important for our health and make a marked difference in our ability to run better.

Why do women need sports bras?

Physical activity makes breasts bounce and move in figure eights, and such continuous movement can lead to back pain, breast pain, soreness, and sagging. Breasts have no muscle, but the ligaments that provide them with shape and support called Cooper ligaments, and the skin around the breast can break down and cause sagging.

It doesn’t matter what size breasts you have; continuous physical activity without the proper women sports bra will lead to pain later on in life.

What are the types of sports bras?

While there are plenty of others, runners usually need one of the following 2:

  • Encapsulation bras
  • Compression bras

Encapsulation bras have extra support around the breast region.

Compression bras look like crop tops and are a good option for smaller-breasted women.

women sports bra

What to look when I shop for a women sports bra?

When choosing and shopping for a sports bra, there are some things you need to check before making the purchase. These include:

  • The right fitting

The sports bra should fit well; that is, both the band and the cups should be snug on you. It should feel a bit tighter than a regular bra, but not so much that your movement is restricted. Breathing shouldn’t be difficult, and if it is, you should change the bra.

The strap should not move if you raise your arms, and the underwire (if present) should be flat on your ribs.

  • Comfort 

Make sure there is no bulging of your breasts at the top or in the underarm. There should not be any rubbing around the armholes or wrinkles on the cups.

Move around in the bra, jog in place, jump up and down. If there is no bounce, that’s the right bra for you.

  • Material of the sports bra 

Cotton bras might stay wet after an intense workout, which can make them uncomfortable to wear for long. It is better to buy a synthetic or a mixed material when you shop women sports bra. These will absorb the sweat from your skin, reducing rubbing and making breathability easier.

Sports bras are an essential piece of a woman’s exercise equipment. They reduce the sagging of the breasts and make it easier for women to run faster for longer. Purchasing a sports bra is a good investment for your exercise regimen.