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  31st August 2012: Site Update!
31st August 2012: Two top drawer shirts have been added to the site - the first is a Roy Keane shirt from a World Cup Qualifier against France in 2004. The second shirt is Robbie Keane's match worn and unwashed shirt from the Euro 2012 match against Italy in Poznan! Keep checking back as there will be more quality shirts added in the coming weeks!

13th August 2012: I have added two more quality shirts to the site - a match worn and unwashed Aiden McGeady shirt from the Andorra game in 2011 and a Youth shirt - believed to be Glen Crowe's - from 1997. The second shirt has proven to be something of an enigma as I cannot find any games where Crowe might have worn it - have a look at the photos and if you think you know then please do let me know! I'm hoping to update the site again around the end of August so please check back then for more details!

17th June 2012: I have added two fantastic shirts to the site today: they are both from the Euro 2012 qualifier away to Andorra. The first is Sean St Ledger's spare which has been fully signed by the whole squad. The second shirt is Shay Given's match worn shirt. Given is arguably Ireland's greatest ever goalkeeper, so to put up one of his shirts, a shirt that he has actually worn, is pretty special! There will be more updates coming in the next few weeks so keep checking back!
10th June 2012:  To celebrate Ireland's first appearance at a European Championships Finals for 24 years, I have added two top-drawer shirts to the site today! The first is Gerry Peyton's shirt from the game against Wales in 1979. The second shirt is from the legend that is Chris Hughton! Both shirts have come from reliable sources so you can be assured that they are the real deal! There will be more updates to come ... keep checking the site in the forthcoming days / weeks!!! Please also note that my old email address is now no longer being used - if you wish to contact me please use this address: emmetirelandshirts [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

What many people who follow football do not realise is that quite often the shirts that they see the players wearing are considerably different to those available for fans to buy in sports shops. These differences vary from team to team and strip to strip. This is why shirts available to supporters are called 'replica' shirts - because whilst they are very similar, they are normally different to the actual shirts that players wear. This makes them highly collectable and - in some cases - quite valuable.

Republic of Ireland shirts in recent years have had one major difference between replica shirts and 'match worn' shirts: the sponsor's logo! For well over a decade now there has been Opel or Eircom written across all replica shirts. Many fans have complained because it is highly unusual to see an International team do this. There are other differences as well - but these are a lot more subtle and vary from strip to strip. I have been collecting Republic of Ireland match worn players football shirts for a number of years now and, in October 2002, decided to create a website. All of the shirts listed on this website are either match worn or player-issued: there are no replica shirts anywhere on this site.

Please note, I do not want to sell any of my collection that will be listed on here - any offers that are made will be politely declined. I would also like this site to be a reference point for people who want to verify or authenticate any Ireland shirts that they may have. There are not - as far as I am aware - any other sites for people who collect Republic of Ireland shirts. If you have got a website that is related to the collecting of Irish football memorabilia then send me an email and I will be only too happy to put a link to it in the Links section!

If you have any comments or feedback then please either send me an email or leave a message in the guestbook.
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